General info
These are maps I made, and most of them can be found in the Steam Workshop.
Red Wall Intro
Red Wall Intro First map with custom element by me. Shooting a portal on the red wall will transmit a signal opening a door or something alike. Over 2200 subscribers.
Red walls and Yellow fizzlers
Red walls and Yellow fizzlers Another map with the Red wall, this time in combination with yellow fizzlers, made by Fourthreaper. Created in two or three days, has over 1600 subscribers.
Floatycube One of my better maps in my opinion. Five tests with a custom cube mechanic, starting off easy but getting harder along the road. Over 800 subscribers.
Curved With a developement time of about 2 years working on and off, this map gave me a LOT of troubles. It makes use of the Pneumatic Diversity Vent. Needs a bit of thinking to solve. Over 2200 subscribers.
Siempi Mappack Preview
Siempi Mappack Preview Map for Siem3141 for his birthday. I learned a lot about optimizing and how to create a BTS feel from this one. Over 900 subscribers.
Devtest Coop
Devtest Coop One of my maps to test everything in, then added a co-op spawnroom. Have fun! Don't forget to use a lot of cheats.
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